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Our program serves children aged 6 weeks to 12 years.

Yes, depending on classroom availability, our program offers back-up or emergency care for enrolled children at the following rate: $20 per hour or a fraction thereof.

When parents have a breakdown in their normal care arrangements, they can call Westview to help find a solution. Caring for young family members often includes emergencies and unforeseen events that require time during the workday. As such, employees are frequently forced to sacrifice work hours in order to attend to the needs of their young children. The average employee faces a number of care issues each year, including:

  • School vacations and professional development days
  • Illness of a child, spouse, or parent
  • Snow/weather delays and cancellations
  • Emergencies related to elderly relatives
  • Sick leave or vacation time for nannies and other care providers
  • Scheduling conflicts for a stay-at-home spouse, including doctors’ appointments or jury duty

Westview’s back-up care can solve child care gaps, providing peace of mind knowing parents can find high-quality care within our network of vetted, trained caregivers when an emergency occurs or regular plans fall through. Westview’s program also provides employees with the career support they need at critical moments when they’re torn between work and the ability to care for children, parents, and spouses.

Parents/guardians are required to pack a morning and an afternoon snack in their child’s lunchbox, as well as a lunch. Be sure to label their lunch and provide an ice pack for items that may be perishable. Please also pack a drinking cup (sippy cup or open cup), for drinking throughout the day. Please send in as many individual bottles of formula or breast milk as your child will need in his/her time with us. All bottles and food containers must be labeled with your child’s name on it.

Our program is open to the community. It is the policy of Westview Child Care Center to admit children without regard to race, culture, color, creed, national and ethnic origin, sex, or religion.

Children and grandchildren of Westview Health Care Center and Westview Commons employees are given priority in admission over all other enrolling children. Please visit our website to learn more about employment opportunities at Westview Health Care Center.

In trying to make the best match between provider and family, the first two (2) weeks will be regarded as a trial period, in which case either party may terminate the contract without notice. After the first two weeks of enrollment, parents or guardians must provide the center with two (2) weeks written notice prior to withdrawing their child from the center. Likewise, if possible, the program will provide the same courtesy if care for a child must be terminated for any reason. Please refer to the Parent Handbook for more information on these policies.

We follow the highest standards of safety at Westview Child Care Center in order to protect the children in our care. The center conducts routine safety audits, monthly emergency drills, and teaches children safety rules.

  • Security

    When your child is here, we take every measure to protect them. Our double entry door system is only opened for authorized visitors, staff and enrolled families. Only pre-approved people with photo identification may pick-up your child.

    The cameras, monitors, parent surveillance and video taping system are to aid in ensuring safety and security of the children and staff, which is of the utmost importance. Surveillance cameras are located within the center and surrounding grounds. Observation monitors are located in the reception office. Recording is done continuously and retained for investigation purposes in the event that an incident or accident does occur involving a child, visitor, or employee.

  • Confidence

    We require teachers in each classroom to have current First Aid and CPR certification and be familiar with proper medical emergency procedures. Our staff follows safe sleep policies at resting time so everyone rests easy after lots of learning and playing with friends.

  • Cleanliness

    Cleaning your child’s classroom happens all day! We use cleaning products throughout the day to sanitize high-touch surfaces, toys, and playground equipment. (And we store all cleaning products out of children’s reach!)

In spite of our best efforts, an emergency or injury may arise. For this reason, Westview requires that parents/guardians provide complete emergency contact information and sign a release for emergency medical treatment. If a child does experience an injury, a report will be completed by the staff and signed by the parent/guardian.

Enrolled families will be given a link that will connect them to their child’s classroom. This link will be unique to each child, and will be deactivated upon termination of their enrollment.

Absolutely! Our center has an open-door policy. Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit their children whenever possible. To limit disruption to napping children, we would prefer you to visit your child either before nap, around 12:30 p.m. or after nap, around 2:00 p.m.

All children and grandchildren of Westview employees are eligible for the Westview Employee Discount. Please contact Human Resources for more information regarding Westview's exceptional Wage & Benefits Program or to inquire about employment opportunities at Westview. Please call 860-774-8574, ext. 157 or visit for more information.

  The Westview Adopt-a-Grandparent Program involves connecting children with seniors in Westview Health Care Center’s skilled nursing facility and Country Living at Westview Commons’ independent and assisted living facility to form meaningful, intergenerational relationships. The program seeks to promote positive interactions between children and seniors; blossoming mutual benefits for everyone involved.

  If you are interested in learning more about this program, follow this link and come be a part of our family!

"Adopt a Grandparent" Program

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