Valentine’s Day Celebration at Westview!

Image of children learning and playing in the PK4-5 classroom!

    Today, love and learning intertwined as we celebrated Valentine’s Day in all of our classrooms! Our newest addition, the Jellyfish classroom (PK3), hosted a party filled with cookie decorating and themed activities, alongside our amazing parents. And did you know, there’s more to the fun than meets the eye?

In our joyful festivities, our teachers seamlessly incorporated key educational standards:

Making Friends

Image of children decorating cookies

Children embraced the opportunity to forge new friendships and strengthen existing bonds.

Participating in Group Activities

Image of child learning

Engaging in group activities fostered cooperation, communication, turn-taking, and teamwork skills.

Developing Positive Relationships

Image of child and caregiver

Building positive relationships with peers and adults nurtured a supportive learning environment.

Understanding Print Conveys a Message

Image of children participating in Valentines craft

Through various Valentine’s-themed materials, children grasped the concept of print conveying meaningful messages.

Begins to Make Recognizable Objects, Figures, or Shapes

Image of children doing a science activity

Using clay, or little artists molded heart shapes, a great way to encourage their exploration of recognizable objects and forms, as well as a great fine motor activity.

Celebrating Holidays and Traditions

Image of children doing a science activity

Embracing Valentine’s Day allowed children to appreciate cultural traditions and celebrate special occasions together.

    So, while we indulged in treats and laughter, we also journeyed through valuable learning experiences. Thank you, dear parents, for being integral partners in this exciting adventure. We hope you had a great time today!

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