Employee of the Month!


Image of Westview Health Care Center's employee of the Month - Susan Prest

    Susan Prest, Housekeeping Supervisor, garnered recognition as Westview’s January 2024 Employee of the Month. Susan is a highly esteemed member of the Westview family; having worked at the Dayville, CT skilled nursing facility since 2021. As part of the highly dedicated housekeeping team that maintains the cleanliness, courtesy, and collegiality of the whole building, Susan has a keen eye and she maintains constant curation of her responsibilities—and those of all who surround her. She offers a great deal of praise to her colleagues humbly stating that they are the reason for her success. Nonetheless: Susan is an amazing contributor in her own regard.

    When you walk into the building of Westview Health Care Center, you will notice that there is a meticulously manicured message presented by the visage of the indoor aesthetics. In addition to the delightfully designed architecture, exterior environmental fixtures, and aptly appointed accessories, the green-room welcome at Westview is because Susan and her colleagues in the Support Services Department pertain to a particularly precious path of performance in the upkeep of the floors, walls, ceilings, carpets, cementing, and carpentry of the Dayville, CT facility. In this effort, Susan takes great pride. She declared during the discussion of this recent Employee of the Month distinction: “I love what I do! It is my pride and joy to be a part of the team that takes care of this amazing place.”

    Susan is one of eight siblings, and she greatly appreciates the bonds shared between herself and her brothers and sisters. She is quite close to her father—literally and figuratively. He resides at Country Living at Westview Commons, which is a sister facility to Westview Health Care Center. She credits her earnest, determined, and kind work ethic from his inspiration. After graduating from Killingly High School, Susan attended Southeastern Academy in Kissimmee, Florida. Susan thoroughly enjoys spending time with her husband Vail and with her father “Morrie” at Westview Commons. One of her favorite things to do is to go out to lunch with them at local dining destinations.

    Upon receiving this award Susan was highly appreciative and outwardly obliged towards the Westview family. “I’m really honored and grateful to earn the recognition as one of Westview’s Employees of the Month.” Susan went on to praise her teammates: “I thank all of my colleagues for their guidance, kindness, and generosity as we learn, earn, and yearn together.”

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