Christmas Magic!

Early Education Done the Festive Way!

Image of Christmas at Westview Child Care Center

“ ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and in our preschool class,
Pajamas were donned, creating a festive mass.

Westview’s other classrooms were adorned with holiday cheer,
Themed costumes abounded,
Spreading joy far and near.

Santa, a gingerbread man, and elf ears, oh, what a sight,
Learning through play, from morning through night.

In our festive facility, the holiday theme,
Learning and laughter, like a wonderful dream.
Distinct goals achieved through play-based fun,
Early education magic, a job well done!”

    The joy has been palpable this week! Our team has been hard at work transforming our space into a festive haven, and our classrooms are buzzing with excitement.

    But this wasn’t just a few weeks of holiday revelry, it was a strategic blend of fun and learning. In the realm of cognitive development, we rolled dice to build Santa’s beard, turning a simple game into a math adventure.

    Fine motor skills took center stage as tiny hands meticulously build Christmas trees. Crafting each branch became an exercise in dexterity, enhancing the children’s ability to manipulate objects with precision.

    Early literacy thrived during read-aloud sessions. The magic of words unfolded as stories came to life, nurturing a foundation for future literacy skills.

    This a deliberate, high-quality approach to achieving distinct learning goals. Play-based activities seamlessly wove cognitive (i.e., STEAM), fine motor, and literacy skills into the holiday. As we say goodbye to our families for winter break, here’s to more learning joy in the New Year. Happy holidays to all!

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